What Kind of Chair is Team Amici?

Victoria Slocum


We all have our own unique personalities, and I think a lot of that can be expressed in what kind of chair we pick to represent ourselves.

The Prompt

I love asking people, "If you were a chair, what kind of chair would you be?" Sometimes the simplest  (and weirdest) of questions can tell you so much about a person. I have never received the same response and I always learn something new.

As the newest member to this team, I'm still trying to get to know everyone. Its difficult coming into an established team that already knows how the others work, sort of like sitting with a new lunch table in middle school. However, I love getting to know different people, learning their intricacies and how they work together. I can already tell that I've found a really special group of people.

We are extremely diverse in backgrounds, mindsets, and ways of interacting, and I think that makes are ability to collaborate so much stronger. Each one of us brings something different to the table, as you can see by our different choices in chairs. We celebrate these differences, allowing for each other's personality to shine through in their work and ideas. There's something really beautiful about diversity, and as a team, we embody that beauty.

Without further ado, here are the responses.


I would be a camping chair. Easily adaptable to many uses, practical but not very sturdy. I just really like camping, but also I think that it kinds of fits to my personality, where I am very adaptable to many situations, but I don’t get too rigid in one area, and like to be involved with different things, and not be focused in only one area.


I would most probably be a bean bag, with a high enough backrest.

Relaxed, casual, and chilled out.

I feel they look good, are comfortable, and portable.


I would be a red leather chair big enough for two to snuggle. Because everything is a love relationship whether between people or business and snuggling solves everything.


I would be an old rocking chair but with cupholders. I love to move and do things unconventionally. I chose cupholders because they are pretty practical and fun. However, cupholders wouldn’t make much sense on a rocking chair (would spill everywhere) but it’s a good concept at heart


I would be a dining room chair, one with a red velvet seat cushion and made with dark wood. I feel like its practical and simple, but the red velvet adds a little flare and elegance.